This is my latest listing of these classic style retro underpants. These are high quality hand made items which for the more mature Ebayer will take you back to the 60's and for the younger crowd this is a taste of quality from a different time. 
These are brand new classic style underpants made from a 1960's pattern. The pants have taped seams on the front and no seams on the side for comfort. The pants have two layers front and back for added protection. The leg cuffs are Cotton/Lycra/Modal for extra comfort and to keep the shape of the pants. The waistband is made of  jacquard and the rest of the material is high quality cotton Rib. I have other styles for sale see my other listings.
The sizes of the pants are very generous to give that authentic high waisted look. If you require a more profiled fit I suggest you buy a smaller size.
The sizes are 
XSmall   =  28 - 30 inch
Small     =  30 - 32 inch
Medium =  32 - 34 inch
Large     = 34 - 36 inch
X Large  = 36 - 38 inch
XXLarge = 38 - 40 inch.

High Quality Vintage Classic String Briefs Men's a Front 3 Pack

SKU: ecacfb66